As advertising and promoting through a Web page is commonplace these days, most people are perfectly aware that a corporate website is essential for a company to be successful. However, many of them do not know what this world of design is really about and therefore are not sure whether to start their own project on the Internet. Our goal is to help these businesspersons dispel their doubts and guide them through the planning and development of their own corporate website. So, unlike many others, this is not a website for designers. Instead, it is dedicated to providing designers' clients with useful information and tips for them to be able to start this new project.

In this website you will learn how to work together with the designer so that the result is much better in the end. But, why can't you just hire a designer and leave it all to him? Well, because design is not the same as any other service you could pay for -as here the role of the client is active rather than passive, that is you don't just pay and wait for the work is done. On the contrary, you are supposed to take part in the process of designing, as this is not about selling standard objects, but personalized graphic objects. Your design should somehow transmit the message you wish to transmit, adjust to the other advertising elements of your company, be in your personal taste, etc.

A website can be a milestone in the history of your company. A good position on the Web is equal to a good position in the market -but only when work is done seriously. So you must commit yourself to working hand in hand with the designer, with whom you need to strike up a good relationship. You need to be not only a good listener, but also a clear proposer. All these things are our goals; once you are aware of each of them, design work will be much more profitable, and you will not lose any time explaining trivial, unimportant things, or solving major difficulties. To sum up, what we want is optimize your work and multiply your chances of success.

A website consists of a number of relatively complex technical elements. Some of them you will not know, as you are not supposed to pay attention to them. Others, however, you will know, as it is usually left to the client to choose them. Typography and colors, for example. We will show you how to make the most of both typography and colors, and will also help you make accurate and conscious decisions about certain aspects of your website -without focusing on technical matters. Yet sometimes we will dwell upon conceptual explanations which might seem unnecessary, because we believe that all the information preceding every item is of importance for you to understand the whole concept.

For a better understanding of these concepts, we have decided to divide this website into different thematic sections. We advise you that you read all of them as they appear, but this is not a golden rule. When writing these sections, we have taken into account that Internet users do not read as rigorously as book readers, so each of them, although autonomous, is closely related to the others.

"Web design" is about this activity in particular, and also offers a list of general characteristics of the website, Web design's very essence. "The website" concentrates on the role(s) a Web page plays (or, in other words, why it is a good thing to pay for having one designed). "The client's share" is a sort of reflection on the role of the client, on what he should do for design work to be fruitful. "Web concepts" offers you a list of terms commonly used by Web designers, for you to be able to communicate with yours. Finally, "Parts of the website" focuses on the names and descriptions of a Web page's components.

Thank you for choosing us, and welcome to this website intended especially for you. Now, it would be our pleasure if you keep on going over it.

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