This section consists of a list of Web concepts or terms. Our goal here is to make you familiar with terminology used in the field of design. Definitions are pedagogic rather than encyclopedic.


it is how a website is called, what users should write on their search engines in order to find it. Sometimes you have to pay for it; sometimes you can get one free. The registration of an url is valid for a stated period of time, but you can renew it when it expires. If you do not, you will not be entitled to keep on using it. Two things are to be consider when choosing an url: that it is easy to remember and write; and, of course, that it has not been registered before. Notice that, for registration, it is not enough just to write the name you want on a search engine, as this name can be registered but has not any online contents.

Website vs. Web page:

we have been using both these terms quite as synonymous with each other. However, strictly speaking, there is a difference. The Web pages are the different parts a website consists of. It is as if the website were a book, and each of its sections a different Web page.


it is the most frequently used programming language, along with .net and php. It is by these codes that Web designs become functional, that is able to be put to actual use on the Internet. For instance, a designer draws a linking button, but only when one of these codes is applied can this button actually perform its function: to link one part of the website with another. Websites taking HTML programming (usually plain, simple ones) are called "static", whereas those taking .net or php (selling-product ones, or forums for public argument) are called "dynamic".


these are chromatic palettes, the former being reproduced by screens, while the latter by printing machines. Hence, colors slightly alter in passing from one to the other. Picture this situation: you have, say, a selling-product website including a logo in RGB, and one fine day you decide to have some personal cards designed. What the designer will have to do is adjust this logo to CMYK in order that it can be printed on the cards. But don't you worry -even big corporations go through this, as there is no other way to do it.


it is the computer in which the data and files websites consist of are stored. There are companies offering this service -they provide you with space in a computer to keep your website there. Your choice must be done according to the kind of website you have, and you can ask your designer for his advice.

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