Design work requires that the client should be an active participant. It is not possible to carry out graphic design unless the person hiring the designer commits himself to it. Think of a plumber, for example. He does not need any help from you, as he knows exactly what he has to do. However, designers' work is different, as a design is not just something prearranged. On the contrary, each design is unique, and has to stick to a particular outline. In order that the result is not disastrous, or at least mediocre, the client needs to provide the designer with some directions as to how to do his work (e.g. what he wants to get, whom he is aiming at, which message he wants to transmit), and then, of course, accept or reject the designer's suggestions.

Even when designers are free creators that work alone most of the time, there is a need for active, involved clients. We put emphasis on this because there are a lot of clients who seem to think that designers are some kind of "mind-readers", and expect good results without lifting a finger. Well, this just cannot be -simple as that.

But there are also those clients who want to do everything, thus limiting the designer's freedom. This can cause a lot of inconvenience, too, as designers are not supposed to be given orders, but ideas. So professional design work does require that both the client and the designer work together, but each one playing his corresponding role, that is to provide ideas and to create, respectively.

But, how to make right decisions? Well, in addition to reading this website, which will certainly be of help, there are things to be considered. First, you will have to be a careful listener to what the designer suggests -even if you decide to go other way in the end-. Remember that he is a professional and, knowing your case in detail, he can advise you exactly what to do. Secondly, your choices should never be based on personal tastes. Instead, you should choose whatever is good for your company, whether you like it or not. Say, for instance, that you want to transmit a certain image by means of certain colors, but the designer recommends using colors other than those you like. The best thing to do is listen to him, since he is thinking of what is best for your company in commercial terms, whereas you are motivated only by personal tastes.

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