it is here that design work most concentrates, as it appears constantly through the whole website (in every single page). It can include the corporate logo, photographs, links, animation, etc.


their function is to take users from one section of the website to another. Design work is also important here, as links often include effects. Some of the most common effects are illumination (when the mouse runs over the link), section markers, Flash animation, or change of colors.


these are the parts a website is divided into. In general, there are between five and nine sections in a website. It is important that each section is different from the others, as, otherwise, the users might get confused. In any case, you can link related sections by using links.


a website's photos should always be of quality. Therefore, if you want to include your own photos, you should hire a professional photographer, as bad quality photos will devalue your website. You can also download pictures from the Internet, although you cannot use these without authorization. The best thing to do is just buy the pictures in a picture stock, or download them from some free stock.


usually made with a program called Flash, animation consists in graphics in motion which, if delicately used, add a real fine touch to any website. However, too much animation is not so pleasant, and makes the surfing more difficult.


animation preceding the website itself. In our opinion, this is a waste of time and money, as many users pass them by, or worse still, go to another Web page instead.


these can include as many parts as you wish, and are often used for consultation or purchase orders. The user simply fills out each part of the form (some of which may be obligatory -so that you make sure that you receive certain information and therefore are able to give an answer). The advantage of these forms is that they make it easier for the user to get in touch with your company, since he does not need to copy and paste any e-mail address.

E-mail accounts:

having an url and a hosting, you can now create e-mail accounts following the formula yourname@yoururl.com, which allows you to provide personalized e-mail accounts for both you yourself and the members of your company. Similarly, you can have another e-mail account info@url.com for you to receive any consultation made from your website.

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